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This question can be really simple, but please bare with me.

When I use imread in matlab and read an image, how would I know if its rgb, gray scale or single programmatically? Your help is much appreciated. I tried googling, but am not sure the right word or phrase I should enter to look for wat am looking for exactly. Thanks in advance. i anyone can temme the link or appropriate term, that would be really helpful.

    I1 = imread('sample_image.jpg');

how can I know what type I1 is before any conversion.?

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you should read this: blogs.mathworks.com/steve/2007/03/09/… –  Amro Aug 21 '13 at 22:28

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You can use imfinfo to retrieve information about an image file before you load it:

info = imfinfo('sample_image.jpg');
info.ColorType % e.g. 'grayscale', 'truecolor', 'indexed'
info.BitDepth % e.g. 8, 16

You can also look at the help section on imread to see what the output class will be for different file types. The problem comes in determining the difference between a grayscale image, and an indexed colour file - these will have the same size and class. In this case you need to check ColorType beforehand and load the colormap in when you read the image:

[I, map] = imread(filename)

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