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I would like to have a table which in the columns can stretch but I'm having a little trouble with min and max width in css.

It also seems that theres some conflicting answers around how this works:

I would like to have the following

.a, .b, .c
    background-color: red;
    min-width: 10px;
    max-width: 20px;
    min-width: 40px;
    max-width: 45px;

        <td class="a">A</td>
        <td class="b">B</td>
        <td class="c">C</td>

Is there a way of achieving this without javascript (ie constrained stretching of columns with a table)?

below is a table of what actually gets rendered for some different css setups:

enter image description here

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Well eh, there's a syntax error in your CSS: min-widths are without :. Fix that and add an initial width to .a and .b and it seems to work in my Chrome 29. –  Passerby Aug 22 '13 at 3:47
Edit: min-width seem to work in Chrome 29, but max-width does not: jsfiddle.net/4b3RZ/9 –  Passerby Aug 22 '13 at 4:10
@Passerby yes your absolutely right about the :'s (must have been a typo) I've corrected this in the question. Any idea how to make the max-width work? –  Luke McGregor Aug 22 '13 at 5:36
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Tables work differently; sometimes contra-intuitively.

The solution is to use width on the table cells, instead of max-width.

Although it may sound like in that case the cells won't shrink below the given width, they will actually.
with no restrictions on c, if you give the table a width of 70px, the widths of a, b and c will come out as 16, 42 and 12 pixels, respectively.
With a table width of 400 pixels, they behave like you say you expect in your grid above.
Only when you try to give the table too small a size (smaller than a.min+b.min+the content of C) will it fail: then the table itself will be wider than specified.

I made a new fiddle, in which I removed all the borders and paddings and border-spacing, so you can measure the widths more accurately.

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Thanks that seems to work perfectly :) –  Luke McGregor Aug 22 '13 at 21:39
Nice, works perfectly! It makes no sense for the cells to shrink below the specified width but they do! Thanks. –  José Tomás Tocino Jan 28 at 0:54
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