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I'm using BitBucket and I created a branch on another machine with IntelliJ and pushed it in to my repo. I can see the branch on the BitBucket site, but when I try to access the remote branch using IntelliJ on another machine I can't see the new branch when I go to VCS -> git -> Remote Branches. I tried doing a pull, but that only brought down the head changes (which currently points to master), and didn't update the remote branches list. Is there something you have to do to see the remote branches (besides Head and Master) in IntelliJ?

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In case anyone runs in to something similar I found that on my IntelliJ at least I had to run a fetch and then I could see the remote branches. It didn't appear that a pull was sufficient even though pull is supposed to fetch.

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Worked for me too. – ThomasH Oct 1 '14 at 17:29
pull is not sufficient because it can only pull from the known branches – Feri 9 hours ago

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