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Im trying create listbox with scrollbar but I found two inconveniences:

  1. Scrollbar appear even if listox is empty.
  2. Listbox expand and I want not that occupy total width of screen, only width=50

My code:

text.bindtags((text, root, "all"))
for i in range(20):

scrl = Scrollbar(text, command=text.yview)
scrl.pack(anchor='center', side = RIGHT, expand=FALSE, fill=BOTH, ipadx=0, ipady=0)
text.pack(anchor='nw',side=TOP, expand=FALSE,padx=10,pady=10,fill=BOTH,ipadx=0,ipady=20)
print (int(text.winfo_width()))

If I change Fill to Y, the result is wrong:

Thanks in advance.

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