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I want to store the data of an entity in the session so that the application doesn't have to fetch it all the time from the database. But I would like to still be able to use it as an entity, so how can I achieve this? For example, if I have this:

$user = $session->get('user'); // array('id' => 123, 'username' => 'Foo');

How can I hydrate an user entity? I'm looking for something like this:

$userEntity = $em->createFromArray($user);

// Later on, I should be able to do stuff like this:


Any ideas?

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Load the User entity when they first login and save it serialized in the session.

$session->set('user', serialize($user));

When you need to access your user entity, simply do

$userEntity = unserialize($session->get('user'));

Just remember to update it in the session if the entity gets persisted

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