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I am trying to handle jira-python exception but my try, except does not seem to catch it. I also need to add more lines in order to be able to post this. So there they are, the lines.

    new_issue = jira.create_issue(fields=issue_dict)
except jira.exceptions.JIRAError:

Here is the code that raises the exception:

import json

class JIRAError(Exception):
    """General error raised for all problems in operation of the client."""
    def __init__(self, status_code=None, text=None, url=None):
        self.status_code = status_code
        self.text = text
        self.url = url

    def __str__(self):
        if self.text:
            return 'HTTP {0}: "{1}"\n{2}'.format(self.status_code, self.text, self.url)
            return 'HTTP {0}: {1}'.format(self.status_code, self.url)

def raise_on_error(r):
    if r.status_code >= 400:
        error = ''
        if r.text:
                response = json.loads(r.text)
                if 'message' in response:
                    # JIRA 5.1 errors
                    error = response['message']
                elif 'errorMessages' in response and len(response['errorMessages']) > 0:
                    # JIRA 5.0.x error messages sometimes come wrapped in this array
                    # Sometimes this is present but empty
                    errorMessages = response['errorMessages']
                    if isinstance(errorMessages, (list, tuple)):
                        error = errorMessages[0]
                        error = errorMessages
                elif 'errors' in response and len(response['errors']) > 0:
                    # JIRA 6.x error messages are found in this array.
                    error = response['errors']
                    error = r.text
            except ValueError:
                error = r.text
        raise JIRAError(r.status_code, error, r.url)
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My biggest problem with this library is no one seems to know how to use it! Did you ever get this resolved? –  R Claven Feb 25 '14 at 9:00

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I might be wrong, but looks like you're catching jira.exceptions.JIRAError, while raising JIRAError - those are different types. You need to either remove "jira.exceptions." part from your except statement, or raise jira.exceptions.JIRAError instead.

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Maybe it is obvious and that's why you don't have it in your code paste, just in case, you do have

from jira.exceptions import JIRAError

somewhere in your code right?

Don't have enough reputation for comments so I'll add it answer for @arynhard: I found the docs very light in particular in terms of example, you might find the scripts in this repo useful since they're all leveraging jira-python in someway or another. https://github.com/eucalyptus/jira-scripts/

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Ok it's a very old one but I faced the same problem and this page is still showing up.

Here is how I trap the Exception, I used the Exception object.

        issue = jira.issue('jira-1')
 except  Exception as e:
        if 'EXIST' in e.text:
                print 'The issue does not exist'


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