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How are the outcome of these two methods different? Why use one over the other? I believe they both end up enabling you to issue 'rake' or 'rspec' without the preceeding 'bundle exec". My guess - with method 1 you only have to do this once, and then on ALL new rails project for the rvm ruby version will automatically have the desired feature ( as explained above)?

Method 1:

rvm get head && rvm reload
chmod +x $rvm_path/hooks/after_cd_bundler
bundle install --binstubs


Method 2:

bundle install --binstubs

If found this documentation, but it did not help me understand which method to use. I looked on http://rvm.io and found intergration/bundler and /workflow/hooks.

The is code for after_cd_bundler (but I cannot post anymore links due to stackoverflow.com limitations on me)

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This are not two different methods, this is one method and it is described in more detail here: http://robots.thoughtbot.com/post/15346721484/use-bundlers-binstubs

If you are using RVM then you do not need any of this, using --binstubs requires adding to PATH - which is big security risk if used from project directory, RVM comes with rubygems-bundler gem preinstalled which does the automatic loading of bundler (no need for bundle exec), you can find more details about the gem here: https://github.com/mpapis/rubygems-bundler#readme

I am author of rubygems-bundler and maintainer of RVM.

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I will review the documentation and links YOU sent, and run some examples. Thank-you for responding and helping!<p>But I thought I found if when using rvm, I had to at least type in 'bundle --binstubs" in order to get the gem RSpec to work with just typing 'rspec' at the command line. But then I saw the METHOD 1, and wondered why I would have to do that method, vs just doing METHOD 2. –  user2580053 Aug 28 '13 at 20:27
as explained in my answer rubygems-bundler does all the work for you, no need for any extra steps, the books not always do it right, especially that everyone can write a book now-days and those materials might get out of date quite quickly - especially in ruby word. –  mpapis Aug 28 '13 at 21:17

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