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Why doesn't a timeline item with this payload offer the turn by turn navigation options from Google Glass, is there a bug ? If the answer is because it needs more properties set that sucks to make us call another endpoint.

  "kind": "mirror#timelineItem",
  "id": "035cb808-a908-4057-914f-f980fb35c620",
  "bundleId": "12",
  "created": "2013-08-21T22:52:54.635Z",
  "updated": "2013-08-21T22:52:54.635Z",
  "etag": "\"hzfI85yu0lKQdtWV4PO1jAbQxWw/UvNo_kKkfbIjHfhmNjOLyMSNIeA\"",
  "creator": {
    "kind": "mirror#contact",
    "source": "api:34091916267",
    "id": "70",
    "displayName": "Monica Wilkinson"
  "title": "glass-4",
  "text": "...",
  "html": "....",
  "speakableText": "...",
  "location": {
    "kind": "mirror#location",
    "latitude": 37.7657774,
    "longitude": -122.4075774,
    "displayName": "Crushpath Labs"
  "menuItems": [
      "action": "NAVIGATE"
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What response are you getting when you insert this item? – Clocker Aug 22 '13 at 14:59
Jenny & Clocker this is the response I get when I insert. Any ideas ? – Monica Wilkinson Aug 27 '13 at 18:49
Are you using the client library? I think you may have to add more params to the location resource and menuItems. – Clocker Aug 27 '13 at 19:36

Try this: "location": { "latitude": 37.7657774, "longitude": -122.4075774, "accuracy": 36.0 },

It works for me.

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