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C# projects use a .resx file for resources. This is fine for strings, but it does not seem to have the equivilant of the old VERSIONINFO resource that the C++ project .rc files supported.

I can not believe that Microsoft has given up the idea of keeping track of executable versions ... so is there some VERSIONINFO-equivilent resource used with the .resx resource file? How do you bind version information into a C# project?

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If you select a project in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer, right-click Project/Properties, and click the Assembly Information button, you can put your version information in the dialog box that opens.

The version information is stored in the resulting assembly's manifest.

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Thank you. I also found out there that you can bind in a .res file. Oddly enough you can't add a .rc file to the project to have VS produce the .res file automatically. But you can use them if you can produce them. – R. Hartman Aug 23 '13 at 19:09

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