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Is there a way I can uninstall Mylyn from Eclipse PDT. It comes pre-installed and I don't think I am going to use it. So I want to take all the additional plugins out of my eclipse copy as my IDE is already running sluggishly.

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why bother uninstalling it? I don't think it makes Eclipse too heavy.. –  Bozho Dec 3 '09 at 6:44
@Bozho I've just proved that a virgin Eclipse 4 installation (latest Eclipse) is hard-crashing 100% repeatably because of bugs in Mylyn - no-one on the team uses Mylyn, it MASSIVELY slows down Eclipse (on quad-core machines with 16-24 GB RAM), and ... it verifiably crashes projects. (Complete re-install of Eclipse - can NEVER startup, due to Mylyn internal bugs) –  Adam Apr 5 '13 at 17:24

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The uninstall process is explained in the Mylyn FAQ

We recommend uninstalling in Eclipse via the Help → Software Updates → Manage Configuration dialog. If you get an error message when trying to uninstall, you will need to first uninstall dependencies that use Mylyn. These include things like the Subclipse Mylyn integration and the Bugzilla Connector.

You can also uninstall manually by deleting all of the Mylyn plug-ins and features from the eclipse/plugins and eclipse/features directory make sure to delete all of the plug-ins and then restart Eclipse with the -clean option (e.g. by inserting it into a shortcut or the eclipse.ini file.

Recent versions of Eclipse might not allow uninstalling mylyn: see bug 327157:

I am sorry to hear that you wish to uninstall Mylyn. It is correct that most packages provided by Eclipse only have a single root feature and do allow individual components to be uninstalled.

I can assure you that Mylyn has an negligible impact on Eclipse if it is not used. If you follow the following steps none of the Mylyn plugins will get loaded on startup:

  • Close the Task LIst view,
  • Disable Mylyn Tasks UI and Mylyn Team UI under General > Startup and Shutdown

Additionally, you can remove Mylyn UI contributions under General > Capabilities by disabling the Tasks category (not all Eclipse packages provide that option).

Alternatively, you can use an Eclipse package such as the SDK that does not include Mylyn by default. Eclipse also provides a bare-bones RCP download that only has required components which can be extended as needed.

That means a manual uninstall (documented by gelldur) is the only option.

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This doesn't seem to be possible in Indigo. Going to Help > About Eclipse > Installation details > Installed Software tab, the "Uninstall..." button is disabled for anything you didn't specifically install yourself. Looks like you're stuck with Mylin, whether you need it or not. –  Amos M. Carpenter Apr 4 '14 at 6:24
@AmosM.Carpenter true... looks like bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=327157 offers some advices. –  VonC Apr 4 '14 at 6:44
Thanks, I'd tried disabling the two Mylin plugins at startup, but not removing its UI contributions from Preferences > General > Capabilities, so I'll definitely give that a try on Monday. –  Amos M. Carpenter Apr 5 '14 at 10:07

When Mylyn is not being used (i.e., no Mylyn views open and no active task) it should not effect performance in any way. If it is causing you performance problems please file a bug, as:

The Mylyn team considers any speed or memory performance overhead from Mylyn to be a critical bug. Please file a bug report: http://eclipse.org/mylyn/support/

If you want to speedup your startup without uninstalling Mylyn, since uninstalling plugins in Eclipse can be tedious, open Window -> Preferences -> General -> Startup and Shutdown and uncheck the Mylyn features.

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Regarding Mylin not affecting (with an A) performance unless a Mylin view is open, it still kicks in in my case (I've never used it and close any of its task lists whenever I set up a new workspace) as it seems to hook into the code completion for some reason. Every now and again when my work machine is busy, code completion will show a mylin error message. +1 for the tip on disabling it at startup though. –  Amos M. Carpenter Apr 4 '14 at 6:27
I can only speak for Eclipse Luna (4.4.1), but disabling the Mylyn features at startup as suggested won't actually stop it from loading e.g. org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks.ui on startup. I wonder what it actually does, then. –  zb226 Feb 17 at 12:06

Source: http://blog.sarathonline.com/2012/05/eclipse-indigo-without-mylyn.html

For me works great.

#cd path-to-eclipse installation
 mkdir disabled disabled/features disabled/plugins

#remove mylyn
 mv plugins/*mylyn* disabled/plugins/
 mv features/*mylyn* disabled/features/

#remove cvs
 mv features/*cvs* disabled/features/
 mv plugins/*cvs* disabled/plugins/

#remove windows builder
 mv plugins/*.wb.* disabled/plugins/
 mv features/*.wb.* disabled/features/

#if svn is used, git may not be necessary; However, there is little harm keeping it
 mv features/*egit.* disabled/features/
 mv plugins/*jgit* disabled/plugins/
 mv plugins/*egit* disabled/plugins/
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I would love if this worked. Unfortunately, with Eclipse Luna (4.4.1), this completely broke my code completion - even though I only removed the *mylyn* bits. Clearing the type cache and such wouldn't help either. I had to put it all back in. Urgh. –  zb226 Feb 17 at 12:56

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