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How would I retrieve the javascript call in the anchor tag below in JS or JQuery? Basically I want to get the code ("javascript:do_my_function('blah', 'string1', 1);") retrieved so I can execute it. This anchor is embedded several deep in some div tags as well.

<a onmouseout="swapImage('btn1','','http://img2.comp.com/img/buttons/btn_g.png',1)" onmousedown="swapImage('btn1','','http://img2.comp.com/img/buttons/btn_g_d.png',1)" onmouseover="swapImage('btn1','','http://img2.comp.com/img/buttons/btn_g_a.png',1)" href="javascript:do_my_function('blah', 'string1', 1);">
<img id="btn1" width="180" height="60" alt="" src="http://img2.comp.com/img/buttons/btn_ge.png"/>
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You should probably look into using css for the image swapping. –  gn22 Dec 3 '09 at 1:09
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To retrieve it just use:

 var href = document.getElementById('btn1').parentNode.href;

That just finds the img by id, and grabs its parent, the a tag in question.

To call it, you can use:

 window.location = href;

Or you could parse it and eval() it. All of this is highly unconventional by the way. Do you not have any further control over the code?

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The first part seems to work where I assign the href value to a variable. However, I have to strip out the leading "javascript:" string. The strange thing is that the eval(href) works when I execute it from the console in firebug but when I try to execute it in JS from the actual rendered page, I get an "undefined function" error. Doing the "window.location" fails because it seems it is trying to navigate to the JS function. I don't want to navigate away, just call the function. –  GregH Dec 3 '09 at 15:58
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To do it with jQuery you can do

var jscript = $('#btn1').parent().attr('href');

This is not a recommended way to do things. Changing the html would be much better

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