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I'm trying to a Google kml tour with ruby and I get a syntax error with this code

xml = builder.gx:Tour

It doesn't like the colon. Is there a way to force it to compile this?

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Had to do

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Yes, and if you want to put some value, it would be something like

xml.tag!("gx:tour", "value of gx:tour", "attribute1"=>"attribute1val", "attribute2"=>"attribute2val", ..., "attributeN"=>"attributeNval") 
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If You want to add another tag inside the tag then

xml.tag!("tag:name", attribute: "value") do |t|
   t.title("value for title")

And if you want to put a simple value then

xml.tag!("tag:name","value for tag", attribute: "attribute value")
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Since version 2 of Builder there is some support for namespacing.

So now if you want to achieve the same result you can add a space before the colon:

xml = builder.gx :Tour
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