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Just trying out the spray-json, and it seems to be having problem finding my JsonProtocols I have setup. I have the following dependencies:

"io.spray"                %   "spray-servlet" % "1.2-M8",
"io.spray"                %   "spray-routing" % "1.2-M8",
"io.spray"                %   "spray-testkit" % "1.2-M8",
"io.spray"                %   "spray-json_2.10" % "1.2.5"

And the following code:


import spray.json.DefaultJsonProtocol

case class Content(id:String, name: String, contentType: String, duration: Int)

object MyJsonProtocol extends DefaultJsonProtocol {
    implicit val contentFormat = jsonFormat4(Content)

I get an error on the line where I'm returning Content in the complete {} block, the error is as follows and the code is below it:

Description Resource Path Location Type could not find implicit value for evidence parameter of type spray.httpx.marshalling.Marshaller[Content] MyService.scala line 32 Scala Problem

import spray.routing._
import spray.http._
import MediaTypes._
import spray.json.DefaultJsonProtocol
import Content
import MyJsonProtocol._

class MyServiceActor extends Actor with MyService{

  def actorRefFactory = context

  def receive = runRoute(myRoute)

trait MyService extends HttpService {
  val myRoute =
    path("") {
      get {
        respondWithMediaType(`application/json`) { // XML is marshalled to `text/xml` by default, so we simply override here
          complete {
            new Content("1234", "Some Content", "YT", 60)

Can anyone see anything wrong? This is literally the spray-template code with the spray-json stuff sprinkled in

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Json marshaller is in SprayJsonSupport trait, so just import it into the scope:

import spray.httpx.SprayJsonSupport._

And with this marshaller you can remove respondWithMediaType(application/json) directive, cause it Json is marshaled only to application/json media type:

implicit def sprayJsonMarshaller[T](implicit writer: RootJsonWriter[T], printer: JsonPrinter = PrettyPrinter) =
  Marshaller.delegate[T, String](ContentTypes.`application/json`) { value ⇒
    val json = writer.write(value)
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Excellent, thank you Alex. I missed that crucial point in the documentation, is it up there on – ThaDon Aug 22 '13 at 15:18

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