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I have an input file and a script running in unix bash.

the problem is every time i edit the input file in vi , the script takes the input file as it was inputed the first time.

How can i fix this ?

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Can you show us your script? –  Mari Aug 22 '13 at 7:06

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cat inputFile

to make sure it looks correct before passing it to your script. Try doing :wq! To make sure it will save the file even if the read only perms are set on the file. The "!" after wq will force a write despite permissions on the file.

Try typing ls -ltr inputFile and check the perms. If they look like below this then run chmod a+w inputFile


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Use :w in vi to save your input file before executing the script.

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i am using :wq to save it and then exit –  t28292 Aug 22 '13 at 5:44
Then you're using a wrong file as an input. –  Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko Aug 22 '13 at 5:54

Pure speculation, since many details are missing, but if your script opens the file and keeps it open, it will not see updates. If there is only one (hard) link to the file, then vi (assuming vi is actually vim, although I suspect most editors behave this way) will create a new file and change the link to it, but the script still has the original file open. A simple technique that might work is to create a second link to the file before you run the script:

$ ln input-file foo  # Create a second link
$ script input-file  # Run the script
$ vi input-file      # Edit the file

This causes vim to modify its behavior so that it actually updates the file rather than creating a new one.

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@user2613272: its either that you have not saved the file before executing it or you are executing some other file with similar name.
as suggested by @bjackfly, i guess you first "cat" your file before execution.

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