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I am new to javascript and jQuery but I am trying to do some cool animations on my website and the code is probably a bit long to post here. I am building a cool new student portfolio page for myself and am having an issue with jQuery animations I believe.

My Website is

My problem is that if you click on development then try to click on the design button that appears in the nav, the animation won't work. The other side works perfectly well clicking on design and then development brings me back to the other side. I've struggled to figure out this bug and why it won't work and am baffled.

As I said I am new to this kind of thing so please be gentle. But things I am doing wrong and need to correct and other critiques would be greatly appreciated.

All of my scripts are linked at the bottom of the page and main.js is my main javascript file. I'll post a couple of my functions here and maybe someone will spot a problem there. I apologize for the crazy indentation in the code as struggled posting it here.

function rightButton(){
 $('#content-wrapper').removeAttr('style', "");
 $('#social-icons').css({'right': 20 + 'px'});
 setTimeout(function() {     var h = $('.theatre').height(); 
                             var hh =   

$('#rightRect').css({'height': h + 'px'}); 
$('#hodge').css({'height': hh - 20 + 'px'});

function leftButton(){
    setTimeout(function() {      
            $('#social-icons').css({'right': 220 + 'px'});  
   }, 20);


Basically I have onClick's setup to call the functions but they don't work right and I added the setTimeout function due to when I call it from outside the parent container for some reason it wouldn't work without it. Also I am using a derivative of rightbutton called rightbutton1 as test trying to get the button in question to work and have been trying all sorts of crazy stuff and timings.

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Critique: Hodgepodge is not a positive word. Also I would hesitate to use the word cool about my own creations at SO, but I do like your pages – mplungjan Aug 22 '13 at 6:27
Thanks, You aren't the first one who's had a problem with Hodgepodge. I'm probably going to change that to an array of adjectives and it will just be one of many in a list. – Tim Herbert Aug 22 '13 at 6:28
lol, sorry I hadn't noticed that. Thanks for all the help. – Tim Herbert Aug 22 '13 at 6:45

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