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I have been living on Instruments for last few hours staring at a puzzling memory leak. I have isolated it to this single line of code in an NSOperation subclass I wrote:

NSData *myData = [[NSData alloc] initWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL URLWithString:myURLString]];

Periodically this will leak 3500 bytes. Is anyone else seeing this? If so, is there a work around?

Thanks in advance.


Here is the relevant section of code within the main() body of my NSOperation subclass:

- (void)main {

// ...

NSData *sequenceData = 
[[NSData alloc] initWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL URLWithString:concatenatedURLString]];

NSString *sequenceString = 
[[NSString alloc] initWithBytes:[sequenceData bytes] length:[sequenceData length] encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];

NSDictionary *result = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
self.chromosome, @"chromosome",
[NSNumber numberWithInt:self.basepairStart], @"basepairStart", 
[NSNumber numberWithInt:self.basepairEnd], @"basepairEnd", 
sequenceData, @"sequenceData", 
sequenceString,  @"sequenceString", 

[sequenceData   release];
[sequenceString release];

[self.target performSelectorOnMainThread:self.action withObject:result waitUntilDone:NO];


As you can see sequenceData and sequenceString are properly released. Also, I have confirmed that all ivars of this subclass (chromosome. etc.) are properly memory managed.


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We ned to see more code to know anything useful. How are you cleaning up? If you're not, then there's the problem right there! –  Mike Abdullah Dec 3 '09 at 11:45
Whoops. I just added all relevant code. –  dugla Dec 3 '09 at 14:53
Are you running this in Instruments with NSZombieEnabled? That can cause false "leaks" to show up. –  nall Dec 3 '09 at 19:39
nail, I did have NSZombieEnabled defined as an environment variable. I removed it, still no joy. Note: I only see the mems leak on device. The simulator shows no mem leak. Sigh. –  dugla Dec 4 '09 at 0:16
I am also experiencing leaks with NSOperation-based networking code. My question, which may be related to yours, is here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2337250/… –  William Jockusch Feb 25 '10 at 20:23

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You have to release or autorelease myData, otherwise it will leak according to the Cocoa Memory Management Rules

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Just added the relevant code showing proper releasing of the NSData instance. –  dugla Dec 3 '09 at 14:54

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