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I have a list of polygons stored as geoJson inside MongoDB. Example of one of the polygons: { "Area" : "Area123", "Boundary" : { "type" : "Polygon", "coordinates" : [[[100,12],[120,12],[120,15],[100,12]]] } } Boundary is a 2dsphere index.

Using $geoWithin, I am able to specify a bigger polygon and return Area123 which lies fully within this bigger polygon.

Is there a way to specify a smaller polygon that lies within Area123 and let MongoDB returns Area123?

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You can use $geoIntersects who specifically looks for polygon intersecting other ones. You can do something like this:

db.<collection>.find( { Boundary :
                         { $geoIntersects :
                            { $geometry :
                               { type : "Polygon"
                                 coordinates : [ <coordinates of Area123> ]
                      } } } } )

However this query will return even polygons who doesn't contains Area123 but also those who are inside, those who intersect a bit, etc.

So you can check if Area123 points, for each returned Polygon, are contained inside.

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Thanks a lot! that's what I wanted, to get all polygons containing, within and intersecting a bit! $geoIntersects works perfectly! –  Tianhai Nov 10 '13 at 15:30

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