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Lets say i have 4 tables.(name, place, sex, status)

I will be having a Roll number initially. Now i go to "name" table to get the Name for the Corresponding roll number. Now i come to "place" table, n with the help of NAME, i will try to find out place. Then i go to "sex" table, n with the help of PLACE, i will try to find out sex. Then i go to "status" table, n with the help of SEX, i will try to find the status.

Can any one please help me, so that as soon as i give the roll number it should give me the status for that roll number.

Advance Thanks, Harisha.

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(select *
from name join place on name.name=place.name) as t1

(select *

from t1 join sex on t1.place=sex.place) as t2

(select *

from t2 join status on t2.sex=status.sex) as t3

Now write the code on t3 to get the status for any given roll number

select status 

from t3

where rollnumber="A1234"
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You can query multiple tables in a single query. It will be something like:

    Name as n
    Place as p
           n.NameColumnA = p.PlaceColumnA
    Sex sex
           p.PlaceColumnB = sex.SexColumnC
    Status s
           sex.SexColumnD = s.StatusColumnF
    n.RollNumber = 5;

Unfortunately, you've not given nearly enough information for me to know which columns are to be used for each join.

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