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I have this nested dictionary class, whose instances I need to dump into YAML

class NestedDict(dict):
    """Implementation of perl's autovivification feature."""
    def __getitem__(self, item):
            return dict.__getitem__(self, item)
        except KeyError:
            value = self[item] = type(self)()
            return value

On dumping this dictionary:


I get this error(only an excerpt of the entire message object posted):

"RepresenterError: cannot represent an object: {'a1401': 'ts755', 'ts64': {'topic': {'a1561': 'Process Control'}}, 'a1450': 'ts107', 'a1609': 'ts341', 'a1400': 'ts753', ......

So how to neatly represent this in YAML. I read that PyAML does support nested recursive structures.

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Can you paste the code of objects that you are trying to create(basically the input and output). Try using the dumper. –  Vivek Aug 30 '13 at 10:08

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