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I am looking for a tool which I can use to group and sort methods/properties/fields etc. within source files. Does anyone know of a light weight plug-in which does this?

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+1 for Regionerate! We use that tool (with a custom template) all the time. –  TrueWill Dec 3 '09 at 4:33

Resharper has this feature. It's called "Code Cleanup..." which is bound to Ctrl+E Ctrl+C in version 4.5. This will then prompt you to use a cleanup profile: either Reformat Code which just moves your code around, or Full Cleanup which does a much deeper clean, e.g. removes unused using statements, uses 'var'. You can even define you own custom cleanup profile.

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What's this called in Resharper? I've been looking around for a little while and can't find it. –  Courtney D Dec 3 '09 at 3:47

MZ-Tools can do it (in addition to many other things). This feature is called Sort Code Elements. It allows you to also manually tweak the order in addition to predefined settings.

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