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I am new to java card development.i want to build java card applet which encrypt data using ECC cryptography.So i am using jcop41 card and it support ECC .so i want to know what are the cipher class support ECC.I want same encryption like in here(java card RSA encryption) using ECC. But in here they used Cipher.ALG_RSA_PKCS1 .But ECC we can't use this cipher.can you give me any sugession??

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To my knowledge encryption based on ECC is not available in the Java Card API, only Signature (i.e. ECDSA)and KeyAgreement (i.e. ECDH). Just look for constants with names that start with "ALG_EC_" in those classes. There might be NXP specific extensions to the API though.

Here's a paper describing how to implement ECIE in Java Card (wich I found by Googling: "java card" elliptic curve encryption...).

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