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I'm trying to populate a simple form with a combo box which would be populated with values given a list of objects and then one of the selected objects should be auto-binded to one of the properties of the parent object.

To clarify:

I have the following structure for Product class:

case class Product(id: String,
                   placement: Option[ProductPlacement] = None,

ProductPlacement class looks like the following:

case class ProductPlacement(category: ProductCategory, priority: Int)

and ProductCategory as follows:

case class ProductCategory(id: String, name: String)

Now I want to choose product category using a combo box (@select) and I do the following:

My edit form:

 @(id: String, productForm: Form[model.Product], categories: Seq[model.ProductCategory])
        ...some more stuff...
   categories.map( c => (c.id,c.name)),
   '_label -> "Category", '_default -> "-- Choose a category --",
   '_showConstraints -> false

And when I submit this form the category is not set. Of course when I change




I will get the ProductCategory set but with only the name (which gets the value of id :) )

Of course I can change my model and overcome this issue by using tuples for the category but I'm looking for more elegant way to have the object set automatically.

Is there a way in Play framework to get the whole object set automatically (I would like to have fully populated ProductCategory with name and id set)

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