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I have two Excel sheets - both have these columns:

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3

In the first sheet, I also have an additional column at the end which will be a formula to see a row with the same three values as above exist in the other sheet. If the row can be found, I want to display 'Yes', else 'No'. I've toyed with VLOOKUP's etc but no joy.

Any tips?

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If your version of Excel have COUNTIFS, then that should do the trick.

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If you don't have countifs formula, you can do the poor man's version (what I did with Excel 2003 way back when) and combine the columns. So in Col4, put formula

=Col1 & Col2 & Col3

Then you can place your Yes/No If formula in Col 5. Suppose the three data points are named cells (this, that, the). The formula would look like:

=IF(Col4 = this & that & the), "Yes", "No")
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