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I have an android application for which i have an option to send the logs via email

For this i am using the following procedure

String outputPath=Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().getPath()+ File.separator+"sundeeplogs"+ File.separator;    

        File dir = new File (outputPath); 
        if (!dir.exists())

        File zipFileSDCard = new File(outputPath+"sundeep_logs.zip");

Now i would copy a zip which is in secure location to the zipFileSDCard .

I have checked that the file has been successfully copied

adding the zip file to the intent


when i send an email using gmail app then the email is sent with the attachments and i can view the attachment in the received email.


when i use Android native email client it won't attach the file sometimes even if it attaches and the email is sent there is no attachment in the received email.

Finally i found the problem why attachment is missing but could not find the reason why native client is discarding the attachment. the problem explained in this link Unloaded attachment isn't marked for download error in android

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What os version are you using? on older devices i've found that this just doesn't work with gmail client app.

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i have tested on all the OS version's and i am facing this issue on all of them, native client is dropping the attachment before sending the email. It is working fine for me with gmail app on all OS versions. The problem with native client i am facing is explained in this link stackoverflow.com/questions/11555575/… –  sundeep Oct 10 '13 at 19:59
hmm... that doesn't sound right. i've tested (well, using internal storage) but it works just fine. do you have Android Manifest write-permission enabled? –  David T. Oct 10 '13 at 21:55
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