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I'm a web developer who is increasingly using Vim to code web sites. Are there any HTML validation utilities (or techniques) out there that will take whatever file I'm working on and validate against its DOCTYPE without leaving the shell?


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You can use tidy together with a small Vim script.

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tidy won't identify unmatched tags, though, right? E.g. if you fail to close a <div> tag, tidy won't mention that among its errors. – JellicleCat Jul 28 '15 at 21:39

Get yourself tidy from sourceforge and execute it on the shell
tidy -errors -q -f error_file.txt the_file.html

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tidy is quite inaccurate for modern HTML documents though. For example, despite an HTML5 doctype, it complains about missing type= for script tags and does not recognize <meta charset="utf-8"/> – phihag Jan 8 at 11:50

Try an XML validator with the appropriate Schema/DTD.

Here's a validator:

Various DTDs available here:

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