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The Scala prompt lets me use my Java class when it's within an Eclipse project-turned-runnable-jar, but not otherwise. How to get around this? I saw another SO answer saying to use sbt, but why does it work with the one jar and not the other? And how do I make it work with my .class or manually created .jar?

Using the command: scala -cp ./MyClass.class :
scala> import package.name.MyClass
<console>:7: error: not found: value package
Ok, let's jar it...
jar -cvf MyJar.jar MyClass.class
scala -cp ./MyJar.jar:
... same result.
Alright... scala -cp path/to/runnable_jar/created/from/eclipse.jar
scala> import package.name.MyClass
It works!

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Just to be sure I'd like to point out that package is a reserved word. –  pagoda_5b Aug 22 '13 at 10:45
thanks -- perhaps poorly chosen for this example –  Walrus the Cat Aug 22 '13 at 11:44

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Take a look at how that Eclipse-created jar file is arranged (with jar tf), and compare it with yours. Most likely the package path is wrong.

jar -cvf MyJar.jar MyClass.class

This won't work, because you need to preserve the package path as directories inside the jar.

Should be jar -cvf MyJar.jar package.

scala -cp ./MyClass.class

This won't work, because classpath must point to folders with classes (starting at the package root folder) or to jar files.

Should be scala -cp classes (and classes has a folder "package").

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