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I'm using a trial of Cornerstone and like the product but don't like the fact they have no support. Meaning, they never answer their email. I need a source control program that can handle merging through Subversion. Specifically, merging from a branch back into trunk. Cornerstone doesn't and from what I've read Versions doesn't either:

Can anyone recommend a source control for Mac that does support merging and also has support?


Based on comments and given that Versions and Cornerstone have such similar feature sets, would the main reason to buy Versions be its support?

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To be clear, you're looking for a Subversion client? Or just source control in general? – zpasternack Dec 3 '09 at 5:18
Subversion client for Mac. – 4thSpace Dec 3 '09 at 5:54

Try Versions but I don't think they have support for merging. I could be wrong, The best way to do merging would be to use the command-line.

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The best way to do merging is to dump svn and use git. ;-) – Matt Long Dec 7 '09 at 19:21

The svn command line program can perform a merge, albeit without the nice GUI interface to help you with it. It's a pretty basic feature.

svnX has been around for a while, and is a Cocoa-based app.

You can try SmartSVN, which is written in Java. Also many text editors such as TextMate support svn operations from within the editor.

There is also an open source OS X client called SCPlugin but development appears to be rather slow (no Snow Leopard version, for example).

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I'll see if svnX can do the merge. If I accomplish that, Cornerstone should pick up the changes without much fuss right? Meaning, if I merge in one source control app and then switch back to another, should things continue jiving? – 4thSpace Dec 3 '09 at 5:09
svnX tells me it is to old to work with the working copy. Guess I will try command line. – 4thSpace Dec 3 '09 at 5:14
see link to SCPlugin – Ken Liu Dec 7 '09 at 18:55

Git, althought it isn't subversion (but has almost the same functions, with some extras).

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It should be clear from the question (i.e. Mac) that I'm asking for a native app. – 4thSpace Dec 3 '09 at 4:54
what do you mean by "native"? Git has a Mac version of the system .. – yoda Dec 3 '09 at 4:56
Is Git online only or can it be installed and used completely offline like Subversion? – 4thSpace Dec 3 '09 at 5:12
can be offline, if you install the server version. – yoda Dec 3 '09 at 5:23
That's incorrect, yoda. Git is not client server per se. Git is distributed yet can be disconnected. One of it's primary strengths is that no server is required, ever. Read this: – Matt Long Dec 7 '09 at 19:24

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