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I'm trying to get records based on applied search criteria. At a time I'm only selecting 50 rows(for pagination of the table used on webpage). But I also need the total number of rows that satisfies the search criteria (to show 1-50 out of <total> records & so on).

Following query gives me records group by userid.

select * from user 
group by userid
where name like '%hhh%' 
limit 50 offset 0

Here I'll will get first 50 records that satisfies the criteria, but total search results can be greater than 50. I need this total count along with other query result.

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what for do you need the group by? I guess userid is the primary key, so it should be unique... – Sarajog Aug 22 '13 at 9:54

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I'd use a separate query:

select count(*) from user
group by userid
where name like '%hhh%'

Your query will be much quicker and can be run each time another 50 rows are selected, then you can run this longer running query once, to get the total

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try this query..

select count(*) as total,userid from users
where name like '%hhh%' 
 group by userid limit 50 offset 0
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MySQL supports this with the SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS option. Something like the following: (adapted (but untested!) from the docs):

-> WHERE name like '%hhh%' LIMIT 50;
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