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This is a function which (in a GET request) receives a case_url and case_key and serves the corresponding case (using mongoDB) to a html template called detail_case. Im trying to add a feature where when a form is filled(on this same page detail_case) and it is submitted, it should submit a POST request to the same function and the code under 'if request.method=="POST"' should get executed.

@app.route('/case/<case_url>/<case_key>', methods=["GET","POST"])
def serve_case(case_url,case_key):
"""for saving a comment in db.comments"""
if request.method == "POST":    

    #code which inserts it in the database

    return redirect(url_for('serve_case', \

Function serves the case as per the key indicated in the URL

#corresponding code here which fills values of variables and sends it to another page

return render_template('detail_case.html')

The problem is that I don't think the POST request is ever executed. This is the html code on the template page detail_case-

<textarea placeholder="Please enter your comments here" action="{{ url_for('serve_case',case_url=case_url,case_key=case_key)}}" method="POST" name="comment_text" rows="6"></textarea><br />

The problem i think is the action field. I don't know how should I send the variable comment_text to my function. Infact, the code under POST does not get executed when I submit. Basically the issue is that during a GET request, it sends 2 variables which are needed in the parameters of the function serve_case. During my POST request, well, I don't know how to exactly frame the action field. If I send no parameters, its an error. If I don't send it to the same function, then how will it execute the POST code? Could someone please suggest sumthing? i'm pretty new to flask, i'm editing someone else's code

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Use something like Firebug or Chrome Dev tools to see what is the url that you are hitting? – lovesh Aug 22 '13 at 10:35
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You need to submit the POST request (for example through form) like below:

<form action="{{ url_for('serve_case',case_url=case_url,case_key=case_key)}}" method="POST">
 <input type="text" placeholder="Please enter your comments here">
 <input type="submit"   name="comment_text" rows="6"><br />
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Oh yes, of course, i wasn't submitting it at all. Silly me. Thank you very much. – SidTheKid Aug 22 '13 at 20:50

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