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having trouble with this DlookUp expression it evaluates the first criteria but not the other two, any advice would be great.

App_Ref is a text box, PRB responsable is a string, AppCostAdmend is a string

 =DLookUp("[Var_Amount]","Variations","[Var_AppRef] =[App_Ref]" And "[Var_Type] =  'AppCostAdmend'" And "[Var_Description] = 'PRB responsable'")
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The AND has to be part of the criteria too! It works like a SELECT with WHERE ... AND ...!


=DLookUp("[Var_Amount]","Variations","[Var_AppRef] =[App_Ref] And [Var_Type] =  'AppCostAdmend' And [Var_Description] = 'PRB responsable'")
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