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I'm working on a Velocity template to convert a hex string (i.e. "687474703A2F2F") to the ASCII characters it represents (i.e. "http://"). The problem is that (type) conversions aren't permitted in Velocity (source), so I'm having trouble making the final change to type character. Additionally, I have no control over the environment, so I can't add additional helper classes.

I've replicated this code in Velocity, all except the last line that converts from a decimal value to a character value. Is there a way to tweak this code or accomplish my conversion another way?

#set ( $hex = "687474703A2F2F" )

#foreach ( $char in $hex ) 
#if ( $velocityCount % 2 == 1 )
#set ( $hexchar = $hex.substring($velocityCount, $velocityCount + 1)
#set ( $decimal = $Integer.parseInt($output, 16)

\\ this is the problem section
#set ( $result = ${result}((char)$decimal) )
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