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I'm using some jquery functions to align the elements on my page and not just css. On firefox it works perfectly. On chrome (under mac os x) i have some weird problem.

If i just type on the URL Bar the address and press Enter it runs ok. If i do a command + r (same thing as using ctrl + r) it dont runs the jquery align.

enter image description here

enter image description here

As you can see in the second image, the position is messed. if i go and just hit Enter with the address bar selected, or resize... so it runs the jquery again, it fix the positions.

Is there a way to force to run the $(document).ready().

I don't know why it is happening, i tried to put the script on the end of the html with and without the $(document).ready(), in the beginning of the file i already uses $(document).ready().

It seems to be an problem with the web-kit as the safari have the same problem.

I noticed one thing:

If i put an alert on the page. If i do a command + r the alert appears before the images loads. If i press the Enter on the Address bar the alert appears after. So it seems the jquery $(document).ready() runs after the images are loaded.

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Fixes it with


It seems the $(window).load waits for the images to be loaded.

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