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As i know, in Kanban, some task can be blocked. When it locked, team try help to resolve blockage. As a result, blocked task unblocked and continue its way to next process.

But, what should be done if task can not unblocked? For example, task depends on other tasks and it added by PO/Team by mistake. And other tasks can not be done, becouse WIP is reached the maximum.

Should i add some row to board, which can handle this cases?

enter image description here

Row "Bad desicions" stand for throwing tasks inside of it, so tasks will be back to backlog


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As I havent seen any kanban board which would support task hierarchy or relations, I would just put task back to backlog, solve those on which your task depends on and later after all these task will be in DONE put this blocked task into IN WORK.

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I thouth same. thanks –  zzfima Sep 1 '13 at 15:17

I've been asking the same question lately. One answer that I've found appealing (because it doesn't break the WIP rules and doesn't add too many layers of complexity) is to create a separate swim lane below each column as you've done above. I wouldn't call it "bad decisions" because really, the block is outside your control :) When you clear an item out above the line, then this new "high-priority" queue is the first place you look to pull a new card.

Here's an article that I found that explains it in more detail.

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