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This is happening in our local web server installed using XAMPP

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Registered the account with Janrain.com

  2. Created the app "testapp" and configured the engage application with the providers Yahoo!, Twitter and Linked In.

  3. Downloaded the Janrain Engage Drupal 7 module from the Janrain website

  4. Installed this module in my local web application.

  5. Activated the plugin and in the Janrain Drupal settings page, I entered the following details - a) Engage Server & b) API Key

  6. After giving these details, clicked on the "Save Configuration" button. Finally, instead of the information being saved, we get the error message "Error message Error contacting Engage. Please verify your internet connection and try again."

  7. I tried to look in to the code, the below line was creating the issue

    $lookup = RPX::lookup($api_key, $rpx_server);

  8. Checked the "lookup" function code and found that I was able to connect with the Engage server but some problem with the response.

In this "lookup" function, we are getting the below JSON response

stdClass Object
[request] => POST https:// rpxnow.com /plugin/lookup_rp HTTP/1.0
Referer: http:// localhost /testapp
User-Agent: Janrain_Engage_Drupal_Module
Proxy-Authorization: Basic
Host: rpxnow.com Content-Length: 105 [data] => "" [protocol] => HTTP/1.0 [status_message] => OK [code] => 200)

9) Found that "data" facet in the JSON response was missing

Please let me know what is the solution for this issue?

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This sounds like a web server configuration issue... the drupal_http_request() function is probably failing to run. There may be any number of fixes depending on what is specifically happening. More info here: https://drupal.org/node/222454

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