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(This question is related to this jsbin)

I have the following router configuration:

App.Router.map(function() {

    this.resource('profile', function () {
        this.resource('products', function () {
            this.route('show',   { path: '/:product_id/show' });


With this, ember data expects the following controllers:

  • ProfileIndexController
  • ProfileUserController
  • ProfileUserEditController
  • ProfileCompanyController
  • ProfileCompanyEditController

The following routes:

  • ProfileRoute
  • ProfileIndexRoute
  • ProfileUserRoute
  • ProfileUserEditRoute
  • ProfileCompanyRoute
  • ProfileCompanyEditRoute

And the following templates:

  • index
  • profile
  • profile/index
  • profile/user
  • profile/userEdit
  • profile/company
  • profile/companyEdit

But I am unable to address the nested resource profile/products. I was expecting the controllers at:

  • ProfileProductsController
  • ProfileProductsIndexController
  • ProfileProductsShowController

The routes at:

  • ProfileProductsIndexRoute
  • ProfileProductsShowRoute

And the templates at:

  • profile/products
  • profile/products/index

Instead, by following the link to #/profile/products/index, ember is generating the following objects:

generated -> route:products Object {fullName: "route:products"}
generated -> route:products.index Object {fullName: "route:products.index"}
generated -> controller:products Object {fullName: "controller:products"}
Could not find "products" template or view. Nothing will be rendered Object {fullName: "template:products"}
generated -> controller:products.index Object {fullName: "controller:products.index"}
Could not find "products.index" template or view. Nothing will be rendered Object {fullName: "template:products.index"}
Transitioned into 'profile.products.index

Which is unexpected for me: the products are nested within the profile! I could of course change my controllers / routes / templates, but I would like to understand what is going on. The problem that I see is that a top level "products" will conflict with the nested "profile/products".

How does ember handle nested resources, regarding the generation of objects names (routes / views / templates / controllers). Where is this documented? (specifically for nested resources!)

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I know you've answered your own question, but I might be able to provide more insight.

Check this awesome article out. It's an awesome explanation of nested resources and routes in Ember.

To summarize, any time you call this.resource() (in your case this.resource('products') you are creating a new namespace, even when the call itself is nested.

This means that the nested call to resource will generate a ProductsController, not ProfileProductsController, as well as a ProductsView (and products template) rather than a ProfileProductsView. The associated template will require an {{outlet}} to render it's children in.

Furthermore, this.resource('products') will create a ProductsIndexController (and a products.index template), so you can go ahead and remove your nested this.route('index') call from the projects resource.

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After writing this long question, I realize that this is a documented feature.

It still is unclear for me what will happen in case there are top-level resources and nested resources called the same. I guess that will cause a conflict. I would say ember is assuming too much here: that there is only one kind of "products", which must not necessarily be the case.

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