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So basically what I want to do is have my main program to do some calculations, unrelated to a parallel program. The parallel program is constantly checking for some event to come true, and when it does, I want the main program to freeze and start another parallel job. Is it possible to do so in Matlab?

You can imagine it as a robot riding (main program) and at the same time checking its sensor data (worker). When it approaches an obstacle, a program to avoid the obstacle is started.

Thanks in advance,
Rugile :)

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What have you attempted to complete this task? What worked about it what didn't? –  MZimmerman6 Aug 22 '13 at 13:50
Your use of main and parallel is a bit confusing. Do I understand this correctly? At the beginning you want function A and B to run, then once a condition is met in A you want B to pause and you want to start function C? Also what do your programs look like? Are they all in a big loop or in sequential blocks? Perhaps you could check for a stop condition somewhere in the loop or between the blocks. -- If you want to freeze a program, you will probably have to let that program check whether it needs to freeze as I doubt it can be done from outside. –  Dennis Jaheruddin Aug 22 '13 at 14:27
Well the program is a big loop. I guess the timer solution will do just ok :) –  eksponente Aug 22 '13 at 21:21

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The best solution to this that I have seen is to use a Matlab timer object.

Implementation code would look something like this:

%Setup timer
t = timer;
t.ExecutionMode = 'fixedSpacing';  %See `docsearch Timer Object Execution Modes` for explaination
t.Period = 1;  %Number of seconds after one execution to the start of the next
t.TimerFcn = @checkAndExecuteParallelJob

%Start main job

In another file

function checkAndExecuteParallelJob
if (conditionIsFalse)
    %Fast return
%..Code to execute parallel job.  This will block the main execution

Matlab is not multi-threaded, so the execution of a timer callback function will interrupt and block the execution of any main function. Timers can also interrupt each other, sometimes but not always, with a complex set of rules that I once tried to reverse engineer but have since given up on. However, for the relatively simple problem you laid out, I think that a timer object would be sufficient.

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Thanks! That's what I wanted to do :) –  eksponente Aug 22 '13 at 21:20

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