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I am working on a program that retrieves information from Sharepoint. Now I need to check the behavior of it with some locks.

My question is "How can I lock a single site within a site collection in sharepoint?" (Not programatically)

I got 2 clues,

  1. Use of stsadmin command line utility
  2. Use of Central Administration > Application Management > Site Collection Quotas and Locks

But in both cases I cannot lock individual sites.. It locks the entire site collection. :(

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What exactly do you mean with locking? – Flo Dec 3 '09 at 16:36
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I am quite sure setsitelock only works on Site Collections. You only need to check if the entire site is locked in your program, you won't face it with a single web.

bool SPSite.ReadLocked
bool SPSite.ReadOnly //(when write access is unavailable too)
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