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Hi I have been trying to port LWIP to a new arm device. When compiling the code i get the error message:

"lwip/lwip-1.4.0/src/include/lwip/memp_std.h:35:23: error: expected ')' before numeric constant"

When I go to this file this and below this several similar macros is what I find on that line:

LWIP_MEMPOOL(RAW_PCB, MEMP_NUM_RAW_PCB,         sizeof(struct raw_pcb),        "RAW_PCB")

If I remove the need for this macro with a define to deactivate the RAW functionality the error moves to the next LWIP_MEMPOL() macro.

The define it seems to want to put a ')' in front of is defined as this:

#define MEMP_NUM_RAW_PCB          1

The RAW_PCB is not defined but is "combined with MEMP_" to create an element in an enum.

I have tried to complie the whole ting with the -E option to get human redable object files and see if i can find any open '(' around the areas where MEMP_RAW_PCB apears and the substitution of MEMP_NUM_RAW_PCB to 1 but I have not found any by manual inspection yet.

Are there any suggestions on what can be going on here or what more I can do or look for to find the cause of the error?

I should maybe add that so far I don't call on any of the LWIP code from main() or any of the functions used in main().

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I recommend to have a look at the pre-processor out generated from the line in question. –  alk Aug 22 '13 at 14:35
That was fast, thanks :). Yes that's what I do when I use the -E option to get the .o files. I guess i should take an even closer look :). Any idea what I should look for? –  ElvishPriestley Aug 22 '13 at 14:51
The pre-processor somehow generates invalid code from the macro on memp_std.h:35. Do inspect this code. –  alk Aug 22 '13 at 14:59
memp_std.h is #include'd repeatedly, to create various structures which need per-memory-pool entries. It would certainly be useful to know where you are in the #include hierarchy when this error appears, so that you can tell which invocation of #include "lwip/memp_std.h" is causing the problem. –  rici Aug 22 '13 at 15:22
The LWIP_MEMPOOL invocation you show is missing the semicolon. Is that is the real code, or a typo in this question? –  jxh Aug 22 '13 at 16:14

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I solved it with:

#ifndef MEMP_STD_H_ 
#define MEMP_STD_H_

... // memp_std.h codes ...

#endif //#ifndef MEMP_STD_H_
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Haha header guards did not think of that at all. I guess this should be reported as a bug to the LWIP maintainers. I'm currently not working with it but I believe you when you say this solves the problem. –  ElvishPriestley Mar 12 at 14:00

The error suggests you have unbalanced parentheses. The code you have provided thus far does not indicate where this problem is, but since ) is expected, it probably means the error is actually in the lines of code preceding the one you have shown.

Examine the code preceding the line you have shown (perhaps after using gcc -E) to check to see if all the parentheses are balanced.

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The code that is above it in the memp_std.h file consists of defines and ifdefs (with endifs) there are no open '(' in that file. I have been trying to find the error in the precompiled .o files after compiling with the -E option but so far I have not found it. I will give it another shot to morrow. –  ElvishPriestley Aug 22 '13 at 18:06

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