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I had a very frustrating experience recently and I don't understand the cause. Using freely available terminal programs (putty, termite, teraterm, etc) on Windows 7 I was configuring them to write the incoming raw binary data to file, but the data was corrupted on review. It turns out, I determined painstakingly, that the logged data had quietlty dropped out binary values 0x00 through 0x08. These data values were displayed in binary viewing mode on termite, but without question those same data values were omitted from the log file. My recourse is going to be to write a little python script to log my traffic using pyserial, but I am really bothered by the experience, and would love to understand what was going on here. Can anyone shed insight on the matter?

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Terminals (the actual physical devices) were usually text devices. Terminal emulator programs also tend to handle just text I/O. Trying to transfer binary data in a text mode is asking for trouble. –  sawdust Aug 23 '13 at 1:53

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Up to me PCommLite is the best freely available serial terminal for WinXX, never had any issues capturing data streams..

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Try MuTerm2 https://github.com/edartuz/muterm2 It can capture data in HEX mode

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