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I am importing a three column table into Mathematica and using it to make a density plot. However unless you have a very large amount of data in small increments the density plot looks disjointed and obviously not continuous.

is there a way or a function to smooth out my plots?

Thanks, Ben

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I guess what you are looking for is the InterpolationOrder option. Below is the example from the documentation which shows how it works even for a 6x6 data grid

data = Table[Sin[j^2 + i], {i, 0, Pi, Pi/5}, {j, 0, Pi, Pi/5}];
Table[ListDensityPlot[data, Mesh -> None, InterpolationOrder -> o, 
  ColorFunction -> "SouthwestColors"], {o, {0, 1, 2, 3}}]

Mathematica graphics

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Beat you by 5 seconds :) –  belisarius Aug 22 '13 at 16:42
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Use InterpolationOrder:

data = Table[Sin[j^2 + i], {i, 0, Pi, Pi/5}, {j, 0, Pi, Pi/5}];
GraphicsRow@{ListDensityPlot[data, Mesh -> None, InterpolationOrder -> 3], 
             ListDensityPlot[data, Mesh -> None]}

Mathematica graphics

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