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How can I get an interactive shell that's aware of any of Fabric's context managers that have been applied?

For example, I'd expect that this would open a shell in /tmp/ with a virtualenv active:

with cd("/tmp/"):
    with prefix("source virtualenv/bin/activate"):

But this doesn't — it just opens a normal login shell.

Using run("bash") gets half way there, but no PS1 is set, and all lines are prefixed with Fabric's [user@host] out: ….

PS: Yes, I know that I could use open_shell(command="cd /tmp/; source …"), but I want a general solution.

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Fabric's open_shell function does not support this.

If you want that, you may want to write your own wrapper to open_shell that first examines env.cwd and env.command_prefixes in order to generate the command that you would then pass to open_shell.

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