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I implemented specs2 specification that looks something like this:

class MySpec extends Specification {

  "My database query" should {

    "return some results " in {
      val conn = createJdbcConn()

      try {
        // matcher here...
      } finally {

This ugly boilerplate is repeated in all my test cases. I have to open (and then close) a new connection for each in.

What is the idiomatic way in Specs2 close resources such as in this case - perhaps using the After (or BeforeAfter) trait to properly close the connection?

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Another option is to use the FixtureExample trait introduced in 2.0, to avoid using a variable:

import org.specs2._
import specification._
import execute._

trait DbFixture extends FixtureExample[JdbcConnection] {
  // type alias for more concise code
  type DBC = JdbcConnection

   * open the connection, call the code, close the connection
  def fixture[R : AsResult](f: JdbcConnection => R): Result = {
    val connection = createJdbcConnection

    try     AsResult(f(connection))
    finally connection.close

class MySpec extends Specification with DbFixture {
  "My database query" should {
    "return some results" in { connection: DBC =>
       // do something with the connection
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It might be easiest to use a trait, and then your tests that need a db connection can just extend the trait (I'm not thrilled about the var, but it's the easiest way to do this):

  trait DbTestLifeCycle extends BeforeAfterExample {

    var dbConn:Option[YourDbConnection] = None

    protected def before: Any = {
      dbConn = Option(createJdbcConn())

    protected def after: Any = {

So your test would look like this:

  class MySpec extends Specification with DbTestLifeCycle {

    "My database query" should {

      "return some results " in { => //do something in the db)
        // matcher here...
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