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Let's say you have a Camel route, and you want to print the entire request to a log4j logger.

  .process(new HttpProcessor(endpoint))
  .json(JsonLibrary.Jackson, MyRequest.class)
  .toF("http://%s", "myroute")
  .json(JsonLibrary.Jackson, MyResponse.class);

You can print a trace to a logger by adding this:


...but that just prints a meta log that describes the transaction. You can print the entire JSON request to a file by adding this:


...but that will print one file per request to a special folder. Is there any way to have Camel print the entire request to a log4j logger?

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It would be easy


You can also play with the options on the more powerful logger that you have been using so far to enable/disable various features. What you need to set kind of depends if you deal with files or streams or plain strings etc.

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