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In my Rails 3.2 app, I need to create an if condition that checks what date range today's date is in. Something like this:

current_date = Date.today

# if current_date is between 2013-08-01..2013-08-15
#   return 1
# elsif current_date is between 2013-08-16..2013-08-30
#   return 2
# end
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I saw that question, but how do I make that work with hard coded dates, as well as returning a value other than true/false? –  yellowreign Aug 22 '13 at 17:38

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Your pseudo-code almost has it, You can just write the following using #cover:

def date_range(date)
  if (Date.new(2013, 8, 1) .. Date.new(2013, 8, 15)).cover?(date)
  elsif (Date.new(2013, 8, 16) .. Date.new(2013, 8, 30)).cover?(date)
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You can use Comparable#between?:

if current_date.between? Date.new(2013, 8, 1), Date.new(2013, 8, 15)
elsif current_date.between? Date.new(2013, 8, 16), Date.new(2013, 8, 30)

Or date ranges: (see Range#===)

case current_date
when Date.new(2013, 8, 1)..Date.new(2013, 8, 15)
when Date.new(2013, 8, 16)..Date.new(2013, 8, 30)
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