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I am new to SSL concept. I am having a Rails 3.2 application running on heroku.

Can anyone please clarify me about the following things:

If I am having a heroku application "", can I add SSL certificate to it without having any own domain (like If so, could you please provide a reference url to that process.

If the above thing is possible, in future if I own a domain (like, can I add the same SSL certificate to that domain. Or I need to have a new SSL certificate for it. Or pointing secured (https) url of that application to the new domain (like is sufficient?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, K. Subrahmanyam

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You don't have to buy or add anything to use SSL and HTTPS on the subdomain, it comes with piggyback-SSL for free out of the box. I.e.:

If you add a custom domain and want SSL on that, you also have to buy a certificate for the domain and add the relevant add-on. That's documented on Dev Center.

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+1 Gah, why didn't I know this. I just spent the last hour trying to price shop just so I could get SSL for research purposes. – welbornio Mar 4 '14 at 4:13

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