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Ever since a long time ago, I've been using a procedure that does the following:

  • compare all css and js files against minified versions
  • if no minified version exists, or minified version is older, they're (re)created (as *.css.min / *.js.min, respectively)
  • when any minified css / js file is created, a .gzipped version is created (as *.cgz / *.jgz, respectively)
  • my templating engine automatically adds the .min prefix to the css and js include calls
  • .htaccess checks for a .cgz / .jgz version of the file, and adds the proper encoding rules accordingly

This has been working quite well, but I am wondering if it would be better to just minify the files, and use deflate to handle further compression. Here's my list of pro and cons, in the current arrangement:

using gzip

  • Pro: less time spent compressing each css and js file on each page load
  • Con: more processes in Rewrites
  • Con: when files are being gzipped, the page load hangs a little bit

Obviously I am leaning toward deflate, but wanted to ask for some outside input on this.

For what it's worth, I am also using a highly effective caching policy.

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