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I am using Windows XE2, the TVirtualStringTree, and a TComboBox as an in-placed editor.

When I place a TComboBox directly on the form, at run-time I can drop down the list and the mouse wheel scrolls the items in the list up and down (as desired). However, when the TComboBox is created at run-time by TVirtualStringTree as an in-place editor, even though the newly created combo box has focus, the mouse wheel's WM_MOUSEWHEEL message is sent to the tree control and not the combo box.

This is evident because the items in the combo box drop-down list do not scroll. Instead, the tree control behind the combo box scrolls. The fixed portion of the combo box moves with the tree, but the drop-down list becomes disconnected from the fixed portion of the combo box and does not move (as depicted).

Example of how the tree control scrolled behind the drop-down list

In both cases the TComboBox.Style is set to csDropDownList. When the combo box is created as the tree's in-place editor, it is done this way:

FCBox := TComboBox.Create(TreeControl);
FCBox.Visible := False;
FCBox.Parent := TreeControl;
// ... add items to combo box ...
FCBox.Visible := True;
FCBox.DroppedDown := True;

It doesn't matter where the mouse is hovering. It can be directly over the items in the combo box drop-down list and the tree control in the background is still the one that scrolls. The only way to scroll the items in the combo box is to use its scroll bar.

What would cause the parent of the focused control to receive the mouse wheel messages instead of the control itself (in this case, the TComboBox)?

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I found this article (msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/…) which explains that the message is sent to the control, and if it doesn't handle it, then it is sent up the chain to the parent until it is handled. I'm looking now to see if the TVirtualStringTree does anything that would change way the TComboBox handles the message. –  James L. Aug 22 '13 at 18:51

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VirtualTrees.pas includes the following declaration in the TBaseVirtualTree class:

  procedure CMMouseWheel(var Message: TCMMouseWheel); message CM_MOUSEWHEEL;

The component author captured the mouse wheel messages so he could first scroll vertically and then horizontally. The custom code is the reason that the mouse wheel messages are being sent to the TVirtualStringTree instead of the TComboBox. I commented out his code and the TComboBox drop-down list scrolled as expected.

Since I really don't want to remove the TBaseVirtualTree code, I created my own TMyComboBox with the following code to use as the in-place editor. Now scrolling works correctly in both the drop-down list and in the tree control.


  TMyCombBox = class(TComboBox)
    procedure CMMouseWheel(var Message: TCMMouseWheel); message CM_MOUSEWHEEL;


procedure TMyComboBox.CMMouseWheel(var Message: TCMMouseWheel);
  if DoMouseWheel([], Message.WheelDelta, SmallPointToPoint(Message.Pos)) then
    Message.Result := 1;

This captures the CM_MOUSEWHEEL message before it is passed to the tree control and hands it to the TControl.DoMouseWheel() method to process.

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It's quite a common practise to handle messages of your inplace editor. If you were doing so, you would tell the WM_MOUSEWHEEL that you handled it (by your inplace editor), so nothing what you described would happen. –  TLama Aug 23 '13 at 6:30
Thanks @TLama - The problem is that the message was never sent to the in-place editor. Instead, it was immediately sent to the tree control, bypassing the TComboBox altogether. I had to recapture the message in a custom TComboBox to make it work. I'll add the solution to my answer. –  James L. Aug 23 '13 at 7:25
The message was sent to the combo box, but that little beast just ignored that (didn't handle it) :-) Item changing in combo box is controlled by the system and for nothing else the combo box uses the mouse wheel, so I'm not wondering that it ignores this message in VCL. –  TLama Aug 23 '13 at 7:50

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