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I am using Fedora 18 with the avahi command line tools (version 0.6.31)

I use avahi-resolve-host-name to discover the IP address of units on my subnet, for testing purposes during development. I monitor the request and response with Wireshark. After one successful request and response, no further requests show up on Wireshark, but the tool still returns an IP address. Is it possible the computer/avahi daemon/something else is 'caching' the result?

The Question: I wish to send out the request packet with EVERY CALL of avahi-resolve-host-name. Is this possible?

The Reason: I'm getting 'false positives' so to speak. I try to resolve 'test1.local', and I am getting a resulting IP, but the unit is no longer located at this IP. I want the request sent every time so I can avoid seeing units at incorrect IP addresses.

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