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I have a DataGrid whose ItemsSource is set to a DataTable. The DataTable has a column of type DateTime, and I would like to display informational text (ie. "N/A") if the date in a particular cell is a certain value.

My first thought was to somehow bind the cell content to itself, and use a converter, but I can't seem to get it working correctly, and it seems as though there should be a better way.

Additionally, both the DataGrid and DataTable are dynamically generated, so this has to be done in the code behind.

Here's the code I tried initially:

// Create a new DataGridCellStyle
Style myStyle = new Style();
myStyle.TargetType = typeof(DataGridCell);

// Create the binding
Binding myBinding = new Binding();
myBinding.RelativeSource = RelativeSource.Self;
myBinding.Converter = new DateTimeToStringConverter();

// Add the Content setter
Setter mySetter = new Setter();
mySetter.Property = ContentProperty;  
mySetter.Value = myBinding;

// Set the Style and ItemsSource
myDataGrid.CellStyle = myStyle ;
myDataGrid.ItemsSource = myDataTable.DefaultView;

DateTimeToStringConverter does implement IValueConverter, but I'm guessing the problem lies somewhere with the binding, since DateTimeToStringConverter is never actually called when the DataGrid is displayed.

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At first, you Add the variable with the name setter to the Setters collection, but you are define the variable with the name mySetter. It may be a reason, why your Converter is not actually called.

Also the solution for your problem will be a bit more complicated. Actually the Convert get a value of type RowDataView which contains a data for whole row. There is not an information in the converter about a Column or a Cell that is actually binded.

Better will be skip AutoGenerateColumns and generate them programmatically. Here is example:

myDataGrid.ItemsSource = myDataTable.DefaultView;
myDataGrid.AutoGenerateColumns = false;

foreach (DataColumn column in myDataTable.Columns)
    Binding binding = new Binding(column.ColumnName)
            Converter = new DateTimeToStringConverter()
    DataGridColumn gridColumn = new DataGridTextColumn 
            SortMemberPath = column.ColumnName, 
            Header = column.ColumnName, 
            Binding = binding 

Of course, for a performance will be better use the converter only in a DateTime columns.

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