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Do any of the modern browsers support any type (any type at all) of internal text formatting (so that part of a single option is formatting differentially). Different side, colour, strength, subscript, anything.

So far it seems that Chrome, at least, just deletes any tags put inside of option tags.

I am looking for something to accomplish this style of result (without having to deal with canvases):

<option value="8470621">Corey Perry <i>Anaheim Mighty Ducks</i></option>


<option value="8474141"><b>Patrick Kane</b> Chicago Blackhawks</option>
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There is currently no support for nested HTML tags within options. The closest formatting element you can use is <optgroup> which will group options into sections.

What you could do is use a javascript replacement like Select2 or Chosen to style the elements. It isn't native, but it does support HTML.

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As the specification "4.10.12 The option element" states is the content model of an <option>-element text only.

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The answer is no.

As you can see on MDN:

Permitted content: Text with eventually escaped characters (like &eacute;).

There are alternatives combining other tags, but not select and option.

For further reading:

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